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China to Canada DHL Shipping
China to Canada DHL Shipping

What We DO.

We are a cellular parts supplier a wholesale distributor and e-commerce retailer of mobile phone and tablet replacement parts and accessories, our products are specifically sourced and acquired from trusted manufacturers and trading companies located in both mainland China and Hong kong, we then imported these replacement parts into Canada through our own carrier and brokerage accounts, thus ensuring the most competitive prices and best products available for our repair store, business and retail consumers.

What We Offer.

Axiology Imports is a small business operating out of the city of Surrey in British Columbia Canada. As cellular parts supplier we supply locally, domestically, and internationally to a diverse range of business, repair stores and individuals who specialize in the repair and the reconstruction of mobility devices. We also provide the same quality of parts and services to our retail customers, who require premium but affordable products in order to achieve successful self repair projects. Hear at Axiology we endeavour to provide all of our customers with a pleasant and tranquil purchasing experience, we have striven to personalize our customer care and understand that different people have different needs along with their own individual expectations, we also appreciate that peace of mind can be achieved through our solid product and the guarantees they come with. Although both of these are important fundamental attributes, we also consider a well manufactured and perpetually reliable replacement part as an essential prerequisite, and therefore we demand much from our suppliers. funnily enough our companies ethos is also reflected in our name! as well as how we do business.

Who We Are.

When formulating the creation of our company it was important to us to realize the vision of what it was we wanted to provide and why providing it was an important factor, basically it dilutes to these essentials, (value and worth).

Attributes too often missing from the current cellular parts suppliers or the mobility replacement part environment, for two definitive reasons the complexity and none transparent nature of the supply market and the merchants innate desire to exploit these facts to misrepresent low quality and unstable electronics for original high grade products. So we chose to demonstrate our philosophy through our actions our promises and our brand.

Service Philosophy.


Scientific axiology arises from the unfolding of the following axiom: Value is the degree in which a thing possesses the set of qualities corresponding to the set of attributes in the intension of its concept.” ― John William Davis, Value And Valuation; Axiological Studies In Honour Of Robert S. Hartman

“Extrinsic value is the value objects, empirical things, have to the measure that they meet the demands of belonging to a class as determined by the intension of an analytic concept.” ―
John William Davis, Value And Valuation; Axiological Studies In Honour Of Robert S. Hartman