iPad Mini 3 Black Home Button + Flex Cable + Brackets + Adhesive Set


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iPad Mini 3 Black Home Button + Flex Cable + Brackets + Adhesive Set

The iPad Mini 3 Black Home Button + Flex Cable + Brackets + Adhesive Set is an assembly set. Is your home button broken or are you not hearing the click when you depress the home button? If your iPad isn’t registering the home button when pressed, or your camera bracket or home button bracket is broken. Maybe you need new front frame adhesive stickers too. Then this is the set you need as it is all in one set. This product does NOT come with instructions.


1 x Home Button

1 x Home Button Bracket

1 x Home Button Flex

1 x Home Button Metal Washer

1 x Front Camera Bracket

1 x Front Frame Adhesive Stickers

Replace your small old worn out or damaged parts, like the iPad Mini 3 Black Home Button + Flex Cable + Brackets + Adhesive Set and helps make your phone work like its new again.

High quality brand new replacement part for your iPad Mini 3.
Be sure to seek professional advice when replacing the iPads internal components.

These iPad parts are treated just like every other product that we supply, and are personally sourced and import by us.

Our products are subject to a full range of various in-line quality control inspections. Firstly by the factory before being selected and approved for our shelves and secondly throughout the picking, packing and shipping process.

The quality and functionality of our stock is very important to us, we ensure that ALL inbound shipments are subject to inspection, before any item is accepted into our current inventory, and in doing so we are able to verify that product quality is consistent and that our suppliers continue to comply with our tough quality control requirements.

All inbound shipments are subject to final random inspections by our QC team to help verify product quality and supplier compliance. These inspections and checks ensure that the quality of the parts we provide are guaranteed to perform perfectly upon installation.



Compatible with:

iPad Mini 3

Caution:Skill and techniques required for proper installation.
Caution:Think twice before you disassemble your Phone!
Disclaimer:Axiology Imports is not responsible for any damage caused by the installation of this accessory!

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